A New Space that Folds

Hand-Painted Animal Scene on Wood Panels by Joel HaynesThe majority of work I do is custom. I thrive on making things that are unique and special. Individual and personal touches are most important.

Over the years I have created lots of painted screens. Here is one of many designs in a series of whimsical animal folding panels. Customize a screen, and I’m able to adapt any design into a high-end signature piece.

A brilliant color, signature piece of furniture or unique texture can anchor a design, and a solid foundation is everything. However, having the option to make changes and tweak a space gives us creative freedom. Custom hand-painted folding screens offer this choice. This is an adaptable, eye-catching element in a design that doesn’t require the “commitment” of a wall mural but can often have just as much impact.

Inspired Design

Be inspired to design your own custom mural - Joel Haynes Art

Be inspired to design your own custom mural.

Wallpaper mural or canvas mural? 

Both offer a wide variety of styles and options. You can go anywhere in the world and find countless examples of wallpaper designs.  However, a hand-painted mural on canvas is a one-of-a-kind piece of artwork that is customized especially for your design and space. It’s a great way to be creative, and on the high-end, comparable in price.

Sepia Tone Landscape Mural

There are many things I love when painting a canvas mural. All of the corners and edges go together, and in most cases, every part of the mural has a unique view. Canvas also offers a beautiful, high-end texture.

A hand-painted mural is completely custom, and this sets it apart from mass produced products.  It’s truly a special touch.